Create an Account

You must first create an OpenLedger account. * Please use provided link so that I get referral credit

You can continue to use the browser based version or use the stand alone GUI here,

Deposit/Withdraw Funds

You can deposit FIMK using instructions here,

To deposit other currencies, simply press the "Deposit/Withdraw" button in OpenLedger and select the gateway to use. You then send your funds to their specified address and then will transfer to you the asset in OpenLedger that represents your transfered currency


Press the "Exchange" This will bring up any trading pairs that exist for FIMKRYPTO. The exchange view is very similar to most online exchanges and should be pretty self explanatory.

The unique part of OpenLedger is that you can trade FIMKRYPTO against any other currency in the system. If you don't see what you want to trade, click "Find Markets" and put in the trading pairs, separated by a colon ":" and then make your buy/sell requests